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Friday 24th May 2019
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ICSE Biology Class X Solved Important Papers By Mr. M. P. Keshari


Biology - Aids to Health and Health Organisation (Solved)

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Question .1. Name :

(i) The vaccine that helps to produce immunity against Polio.

(ii) The organization that suggest quarantine measures to prevent the spread of diseases.

(iii) A substance that initiates an immune response.

(iv) The micro-organism that cause AIDS.

(v) The chemical substances obtained from certain micro-organisms that destroy harmful microbes.

(vi) The organization that provides help and relief to victim of flood.

(vii) The category of germs which produce diseases like mumps, chickenpox and poliomyelitics.

(viii) The type of immunity which already exists in the body due to genetic make up of an individual.

(ix) One combined vaccine given to babies which helps build immunity against three common diseases.  

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Question .2.

(i) Define antiseptic. Name an antiseptic.

(ii) Define WHO.

(iii) Define vaccine.

(iv) Define the term Antibiotic. Give an example of an antibiotic.

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Question .3. Distinguish between WHO and Red Cross.

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Question .4. Expand the following :

(i) DNA

(ii) AIDS.

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Question .5. Name two vaccines and mention the diseases against which they give immunity.

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Question .6. Explain the following terms :

(i) Population density.

(ii) Birth rate.

(iii) Immunity.

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Question .7. Give the appropriate term for :

The surgical method of sterilization in the human female.

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Question .8. Choose the odd one out from the following set, giving category and the reason for your choice:

(i)AIDS, Small pox, Diphtheria, Measles.

(ii) TAB, BCG, DPT, Penicilin.

(iii) Diplococcus, Salmonetha typhi, Plasmodium, Vibrio cholerae.

(iv) Sulphur dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen dioxide. 

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Question .9. Which of the following is an insecticide ?

Phenol, DDT, Carbolic acid.

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Question .10. The resistance of the body against the disease is termed _________ (Community / Immunity).

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Question .11. Mention two functions of WHO.

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Question .12. State any four major activities of the Red Cross Society.

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Prepared By Mr. M. P. Keshari [ For Further Enquiry 09434150289]


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