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Saturday 23rd March 2019
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ICSE Chemistry Class X Important Papers By M. P. Keshari

Periodic Properties and Variation in Properties

Q. 1. State the number of elements in Period 1, Period 2 and Period 3 of the Periodic Table.

Ans : - There are 2 elements in Period 1 and 8 elements in each of Period 2 and Period 3.

Q. 2. Name the elements in Period 1.

Ans : - Hydrogen and Helium.

Q. 3. What happens to atomic size of elements on moving from left to right in a period?

Ans : - The atomic size of elements on moving from left to right in a period decreases.

Q. 4. What is the common feature of the electronic configuration of the elements at the end of Period 2 and Period 3?

Ans : - The atoms of the elements at the end of Period 2 and Period 3 has 8 electrons in their outermost shell.

Q. 5. If an element is in group 7 (or group 7A), is it likely to be metallic or non- metallic in character?

Ans.: - Non-metallic.

Q. 6. Supply the missing word from those in brackets:
If an element has one electron in its outermost energy level, then it is likely to be ________ (metallic/non-metallic).

Ans : - Metallic.

Q. 7. Complete the following sentences using the correct word.
(i) The properties of the elements are a periodic function of their ___________ (atomic number, mass number, relative atomic mass).
(ii) Moving across a ___________ of the Periodic Table, the elements show increasing ___________ character (group, period, metallic, non-metallic).
(iii) The elements at the bottom of a group would be expected to show __________ metallic character than the element at the top (less, more).
(iv) The similarities in the properties of a group of elements is because they have the same __________ (atomic number, electronic configuration, number outer electrons).

Ans : - (i) atomic number (ii) period, non-metallic (iii) more (iv) number of outer electrons.

Q. 8. What is meant by a Group in the Periodic Table?

Ans : - The vertical column in a periodic table are called group.

Q. 9. Within a group where would you expect to find the element with:
(a) the greatest metallic character? (b) the largest atomic size?

Ans : - (a) At the bottom of the group. (b) At the bottom of the group.

Prepared By Mr. M.P. Keshari
Email Id - mpkeshari@yahoo.com
Phone No. - 09434150289


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