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Tuesday 22nd May 2018
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ICSE Chemistry Class X Important Papers By M. P. Keshari

Hydrogen Chloride


  1. Hydrogen chloride dissolves in water forming an acidic solution. Name the experiment which demonstrates that hydrogen chloride is very soluble in water.
  2. Name the experiment illustrated by the figure given.
    (a) Which property of hydrogen chloride is demonstrated by this experiment.
    (b) State the colour of the water that has entered the round-bottomed flask.


  1. Fountain Experiment.
  2. Fountain Experiment.
    (a) Hydrogen chloride is highly soluble in water and is acidic in nature.
    (b) Blue. [Blue litmus solution]


  1. What would you see when hydrogen chloride mixes with ammonia.
  2. Write the equation for the reaction of hydrogen chloride with ammonia.
  3. From the following gases – NH3, Cl2, HCl, SO2, select the gas that matches the description given below and answer the questions that follow : When gas C is mixed with gas B, dense white fumes are seen and there is no other product [gas B turns moist red litmus paper blue]. (a) What is the name of gas C. (b) What is the name of the product of the reaction between gas B and gas C.


  1. When hydrogen chloride is mixed with ammonia gas dense white fumes of solid ammonium chloride is formed.
  2. NH3 [g] + HCl [g] → NH4Cl [s].
  3. NH3 and HCl. (a) HCl (ii) Ammonium chloride.

Prepared By Mr. M.P. Keshari
Email Id - mpkeshari@yahoo.com
Phone No. - 09434150289


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