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Friday 24th May 2019
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ICSE 2010 Important Papers By Mr. Sanjay Kumar

The points A (2,3) , B ( 3,5) , C (-1,-1) are the vertices of the ∆ABC. Find the equation of the altitude of the ∆ through C.                                                                                        (4)

In what ratio does the line 4x + y = 11 divide the line segment joining the points  (1, 3)   and   (2, 7).                                                                                                                            (4)


   Find the matrix X such that A + X = 2B + C.                                                                    (4)

Use a graph paper for this question. P and Q have co-ordinates ( 0,5 ) and (-2,4 ).                   (i) P is invariant when reflected in an axis. Name the axis. (ii) Find the image of Q on reflection in the axis found in (i). (iii) ( 0,k ) on reflection in the origin is invariant. Write the value of k. (iv) Write the co-ordinates of Q, obtained by reflecting it in the origin followed by reflection in x-axis.                                                                                                                   (4)



If the mean of the following distribution is 7.5, find the missing frequency ‘f’. Also find the mode for the following distribution.                                                                                (4)

Dinesh bought an article for Rs. 374, which included a discount of 15% on the marked price and a sales tax of 10% on the reduced price. Find the marked price of the article.                    (4)

A manufacturer produces a good which cost him Rs.500. He sells it to a wholesaler at a price of Rs. 500 and wholesaler sells it to retailer at a price of Rs.600. The retailer sells it to the customer at a price of Rs. 800. If the sales tax charged is 5%. Find the tax charged under VAT by : (i) manufacturer, (ii) wholesaler and (iii) retailer. Find the tax paid by the customer.          (4)

Prove the following identities : (a)                                                                        (6)

9) A student draws a cumulative frequency curve for the marks obtained by 40 students of a class, as shown below. Find the median marks obtained by the students of the class.                           (5)











Find x and y if :                (4)

Use graph paper for this question. The point P(2,– 4)is reflected in the  x = 0 to get the image P′.(i)  Write down the co-ordinates of P′.(ii) Point P′ is reflected in the line y = 0, to get the image P″. Write down the co-ordinates of P″. (iii) Name the figure PP’P″.  (iv) Find the area of the figure PP′P″.                                                                                                                   (4)

Prove the following identity :


Prepared By Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Email Id - sanjay4123@gmail.com
Phone No. - 0-9899199876


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