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Friday 24th May 2019
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ICSE Maths Class X Important Papers By M. P. Keshari

Maths - Sales Tax and Value added Tax (Solved)

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Question 1. Dinesh bought an article for Rs. 374, which included a discount of 15% on the marked price and a sales tax of 10% on the reduced price. Find the marked price of the article.

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Question 2. Ms. Chawla goes to a shop to buy a leather coat which costs Rs.735. The rate of sales tax is 5%. She tells the shopkeeper to reduce the price to such an extent that she has to pay Rs.735, inclusive of sales tax. Find the reduction needed in the price of the coat.

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Question 3. a shopkeeper buys an article at a rebate of 30% on the printed price. He spends Rs.40 on transportation of the article. After charging sales tax at the rate of 7% on the printed price, he sells the article for Rs.856.Find his profit percentage.

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Question 4. The catalogue price of a colour TV is Rs.2400. The shopkeeper gives a discount of 8% on the listed price. He gives a further off-season discount of 5% on the balance. But sales tax at the rate of 10% is charged on the remaining amount. Find :   

(i) the sales tax amount a customer has to pay.

(ii) the final price he has to pay for the colour TV.

Solution : Click Here

Question 5. [VAT] A manufacturer produces a good which cost him Rs.500. He sells it to a wholesaler at a price of Rs.500 and wholesaler sells it to retailer at a price of Rs.600. The retailer sells it to the customer at a price of Rs.800. If the sales tax charged is 5%. Find the tax charged under VAT by : (i) manufacturer, (ii) wholesaler and (iii) retailer. Find the tax paid by the customer.

 Solution : Click Here

Prepared By Mr. M. P. Keshari [ For Further Enquiry 09434150289]


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