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Tuesday 22nd May 2018
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ICSE Physics Class X Important Papers By M. P. Keshari

Sound [Numericals] (Solved)

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Numerical – 1. A person standing between two vertical cliffs and 640 m away from the nearest cliff shouted. He heard the first echo after 4 seconds and the second echo 3 seconds later. Calculate

(i) the velocity of sound in air and

(ii) the distance between the cliffs.

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Numerical – 2. A longitudinal wave of wavelength 1 cm travels in air with a speed of 330 m s-1. Calculate the frequency of the wave. Can this wave be heard by a normal human being?

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Numerical – 3. A certain sound has a frequency of 256 hertz and wavelength of 1.3 m. Calculate the speed with which this sound travels. What difference would be felt by a listener between this sound and another sound traveling at the same speed but of wavelength 2.6 m.

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Numerical – 4. A sound wave of wavelength 0.332 m has a time period of 10-3 s. If the time period is decreased to 10-4 s, calculate the wavelength and frequency of the new wave.

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Numerical – 5. Radio waves of speed 3 × 108 m s-1 are reflected off the moon and received back on the earth, the time elapsed between the sending of the signal and receiving it back on the earth’s surface is 2.5 seconds. What is the distance of the moon from the earth?

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Numerical – 6. An observer stands at a distance of 850 m from the cliff and fires a gun. After what time gap will he hear the echo, if sound travels at a speed of 350 m s-1 in air?

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Numerical – 7. A pendulum has a frequency of 5 vibration per second. An observer starts the pendulum and fires a gun simultaneously. He hears the echo from the cliff after 8 vibrations of the pendulum. If the velocity of sound in air is 340 m s-1, what is the ×distance between the cliff and the observer?

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Numerical – 8. The wavelength of waves produced on the surface of water is 20 cm. If the wave velocity is 24 m s-1, calculate :

(i) the number of waves produced in one second and

(ii) the time required to produce one wave.

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Numerical – 9. A radar is able to detect the reflected waves from an enemy aeroplane, after a time interval of 0.20 milliseconds. If the velocity of the waves is 3 × 108 m s-1, calculate the distance of the plane from the radar.

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Numerical – 10. A man standing in front of a vertical cliff fires a gun. He hears the echo after 3 seconds. On moving closer to the cliff by 82.5 m, he fires again. This time, he hears the echo after 2.5 seconds. Calculate :

(i) the distance of the cliff from the initial position of the man.

(ii) the velocity of sound.

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Numerical – 11. A radar sends a signal to an aeroplane at a distance 45 km away with a speed of 3 × 108 m s-1. After how long is the signal received back from the aeroplane?

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Paper By Mr. M. P. Keshari [ For Further Enquiry 09434150289]


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